Our Story

The Kiwi Sleep Mattress is the #1 mattress for pain relief.

This is Going to Change Everything.

The Kiwi Sleep “700 in One” Mattress is the brainchild of Richard Codos, our company Founder & CEO, inventor of the “tiny mattress” independent support system. He holds 31 U.S. Patents and several hundred foreign patents. There is a good chance that you’re sleeping on a mattress that uses one of his inventions or has been made by a machine built with one of his inventions.

Our extensive tests have shown the tiny mattress independent support system invention to be a monumental breakthrough in sleep technology. Current mattresses use layers of foam with multiple sub-layers of low-quality filler foams and springs, marketed as 'support layers' that simply add height at the cost of comfort. Kiwi Sleep(Also know as SleepOvation) was founded in 2015 with the mission to give sleepers the ultimate luxury and comfort of sleeping on 700 individual and responsive mattresses.

More so, we’re a fast-growing company headquartered in Wharton, NJ – where we carefully and meticulously assemble every “700 in One” mattress to meet our vigorous quality assurance standards. Every component used in the Kiwi Sleep mattress is sourced in the USA to ensure that we are 100% Made in America.

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Wharton, NJ

Availability: USA & Canada

Kiwi Sleep Assembly Facility

105 West Dewey Ave, Bldg C, Unit 9

Wharton, NJ 07885