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You Won’t Believe These Crazy Sleep Facts

You Won’t Believe These Crazy Sleep Facts

We love everything sleep – including crazy sleep facts – so we’ve decided to share our favorite ones with you. Here we gooooo! *Super Mario voice*

Sleep deprivation will kill you faster than starvation

Sleep deprivation affects your productivity and your emotional, physical, and mental state too. Sleep deprivation is actually a considered a form of torture, given that even a few days of no sleep can do you a lot of harm.

Some blind people see in their sleep

It’s said the blind dream about things involving sound, emotion, and even smell – instead of sight. Some can still see in their dreams depending on when they lost their eyesight. Individuals who were already born without eyesight don’t have any visuals to rely on unfortunately. 

We’re the only ones that can deny sleep

Humans are the only ones on Earth that can willing fight off sleep compared to other mammals. That’s right, we’re lucky to have the ability to binge watch Netflix all night! 

Could you go 11 days without sleep? Not us!

Randy Gardner went 11 days without sleep back in 1964. He suffered from sleep deprivation and exhaustion afterwards, but what a champ, or a crazy-nut… depends who you ask right?

Babies steal over 1,000 hours of sleep from parents

During the first few months of babies life, they can deprive parents of about 1,055 hours of sleep, according to Medical Daily. An average of 44 days of sleep were lost in parents of newborns because they needed to take care of the little rascals.

BONUS: English bulldogs suffer from sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a type of breathing disorder when breathing hitches because of severe snoring. English bulldogs suffer from this breathing problem because of their short snout and prominent underbite.

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