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Why Women Sleep Better Next to Dogs

Why Women Sleep Better Next to Dogs

Women sleep better next to dogs than their significant others, according to a study published this month by researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y. YIKES!

55 percent of the 962 women the school interviewed, admitted to sharing the bed with at least one dog and 31 percent shared the bed with at least one cat. More so, 57 percent of the women shared their bed with a human partner.

Dogs were less likely to wake their owners in the middle of the night than cats and humans, researchers revealed. Both cats and humans were equally disruptive to women’s sleep, providing them with less feelings of comfort and security than dogs.

Women with dogs, also reported earlier sleep and wake times than participants with cats or no pets at all.

“Dog ownership and its associated responsibilities may cause individuals to adhere to a stricter routine,” researchers said. “Keeping to a consistent sleep schedule may be beneficial to dog owners.”

But, women aren’t the only ones who report better sleep next to dogs…

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona conducted a study of 40 healthy adults, both male and female – and found that people who slept with a dog in the bedroom got more rest than those who don’t.

However, the Mayo study did find that sleeping with a dog in the bed, as opposed to another place in the bedroom, is disruptive to the owner’s sleep cycle.

Happy pup cuddlings to all... or just women we should say!

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