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Why Can’t I Fall Asleep Until 2:00 AM?

Why Can’t I Fall Asleep Until 2:00 AM?

Here are five of the most common lifestyle mistakes that affect sleep quality, or in other words – stop doing these 5 things before bed!

Ya’ sleep schedule? You’re doing it all wrong

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is as important as getting the recommended seven hours of sleep.

If you fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day, your circadian rhythm will stay in sync – so your brain will release melatonin at the right time every night, helping you reach restorative sleep faster.

Otherwise you will have a tough time falling asleep and waking up, leaving you groggy.

An alternative to letting the TV run in the background

Some of us need to have Jim’s best pranks on Dwight from The Office playing in the background on YouTube while we fall asleep.

You’re most likely already familiar with disruptiveness of blue light on your sleep – but we’re not here to tell you to stop – we want to help you get away with it.

If you rely on TV or YouTube to calm you to sleep, invest in a pair of blue-blocking glasses that filter out the most disruptive wavelengths of light.

A pot of coffee a day will keep good sleep away

Most of us are aware that coffee after dinner is like consenting to stay up until 2 AM – but caffeine actually has a half-life of eight hours, so your last cup of coffee should be at 2 PM.

Don’t exercise after 8 PM

Your brain relies on a cool core body temperature to release melatonin and induce sleepiness. Working out before bed overheats your body and messes with your programming. Exercise early enough that you have time to shower up and cool down before hitting the sheets.

Other sleep disorders

Between 50 to 70 million Americans have a confirmed sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, chronic insomnia, restless leg syndrome etc. Millions of more cases go also undiagnosed… if you're really struggling to sleep, it’s worth considering if you’re one of them?

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