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Here’s What Your Side of the Bed says About You

Here’s What Your Side of the Bed says About You

After looking at the facts and expert opinions – waking up on the wrong side of the bed could possibly be a real thing.

According to a study of 3,000 adults conducted by Premier Inn, sleeping on the left side of the bed will cause you to wake up happier and better equipped for dealing with the stress, while sleeping on the right will make you grumpier with a negative outlook.

25% of left-siders feel they have a really positive outlook on life, compared to 18% of right-side sleepers.

More so, that positive energy leads to an increase in confidence and a greater enjoyment in the workplace – left siders are more likely to be have a full-time job – and 66% better handle crisis. 31% of left-siders love their job compared with just 18% of right siders – 1/10 admit they hate their job.

Interestingly, right-siders moods don’t lift until 9:22 AM, while left-siders moods increase at 9:07 AM. Other studies show left-siders are more likely to love their jobs, and have lots of friends while right-siders enjoy their own company, but tend to earn more money than their partners.

Finally, 75% of us are very committed and protective of our side of the bed – being very reluctant to change sides once we’ve chosen. But, we should be weary of which side we choose – grumpy and rich (right) or happy with lots of friends (left).

Which side of the bed did you choose?

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