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We Loved the Pillow so much we Ordered the Mattress

We Loved the Pillow so much we Ordered the Mattress

We asked Barbara what encouraged them to try the SleepOvation mattress and pillows: “To be honest we had purchased top of the line mattresses –  everything from gel to innerspring.  We had a sleep number and got rid of it in a year, then went to Sealy Posture pedic, then tried  I comfort.  Really we were at our wits end.  We always woke up stiff and sore and never stayed in bed all night.  I shudder to think at the money we have wasted on mattresses.” 

Then one day, Barbara saw a Facebook ad for the SleepOvation pillow. They took the plunge, “Seriously, give the pillows a try you won't be sorry you did.  You may just turn around and order the mattress like we did.” 

Barbara and her husband don’t have enough good things to say about the SleepOvation mattress. Their two Main Coon cats and two German Shepherds can’t get enough of the new family’s set up, either. 

Welcome to the jungle. 

If that sounds like a rough night’s sleep, you should have seen the Anderson’s pre-SleepOvation: Barbara’s husband, a former Drill Sergeant in the US Army, had injured his back, resulting in a slew of neck and back problems. He hadn’t slept through a full night in years. The first night on their new mattress, he slept for eight hours, “He actually looks forward to laying down now. [H]e hadn't been able to sleep on his side since his hip replacement and with the SleepOvation bed he can now sleep on that side! 

Barbara was in need of a good night’s sleep, too, “I was in a car accident when I was younger and have herniated discs in my neck and lower back.  Also, I'm receiving treatment for cancer and it causes terrible bone and joint pain.  I can lay down on this mattress and it supports me without being too hard.  It just seems to cradle you. 

The cradling is thanks to the 700 tiny mattresses in a SleepOvation mattress. We’re talking next-level comfort. The individual suspension system supports each bone in the human spinal column separately. It cradles the body’s curves while providing enough firmness for the back’s muscular and bony structure. And guess what? We’re chiropractor endorsed. 

None of the four pets were available for comment regarding their thoughts on the mattress or pillow, because they are currently napping on the mattress, “we have two German Shepherds that both weigh over 100 pounds.  Yes, they both sleep on the bed.  I have woke up more than once being pushed off my pillow because Samson was stealing it.  Lakota is nicer he just pushes you out of bed when he wants to stretch. Now I have to admit there is a fight over the pillows.  We have two Maine Coon cats (they are huge) and anytime I can't find them I look on our bed they are curled up on one of the pillows. 

Sounds like the family of six is quite pleased with the new sleeping arrangements.  

The Anderson’s have some words of advice for those considering the SleepOvation mattress: it’s heavy! You may need some assistance getting it up the stairs, “One thing I would like to stress the mattress is heavier than you would expect it to be.  When a person thinks of pillows you think they don't weigh much, but if anyone could have seen us getting it out of the box and unwrapping it they would have chuckled.  We ordered the King.  Oh yeah, one other problem we had our two German shepherds were trying to help us. Both of us ended up laughing so hard we had to sit down and catch our breath before we could make the bed. 

At least their German Shepherds were helpful! Some pets don’t like to help. 

If you’re torn between the mattress and the pillow, you’re in luck! Right now, we’re offering a sale for mattresses: 5% off, plus two free pillows!  We’re even offering free shipping! You may have to get more pets for all that comfy-ness. 

And don’t worry, we’re made in America. Not to mention, the cleanest mattress in the world. 

Take it from Barbara, “Our first night with the mattress after we got over laughing and giggling trying to get the mattress on the bed was wonderful.  It was the first full night's sleep in many, many years. 

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