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Ultimate Parents Sleep Guide For Halloween Candy

Ultimate Parents Sleep Guide For Halloween Candy

Kids love candy… they count it, trade it, sort through it and especially, rip off the wrappers to FEAST on it.

They knock on that last door on Oct. 31, and all that Halloween candy comes running through our front doors. Unfortunately, it’s up to us parents to “try” to limit all that sugar despite our unsuccessful attempts.

But, no worries – here are several tips for keeping candy consumption under control and getting your kids to bed on coming nights after Halloween.

Swap it

Kids leave their stash out at night for a magical candy fair, “Great Pumpkin” or “Switch Witch,” who takes the candy and leaves a gift. For older kids, just offer a swap… like cold hard cash.

Make it disappear

Have a feeding frenzy on Halloween night before all the candy goes into a big bucket, to be kept out of reach. The kids get a piece or two a day for a week or so, all while you sneak some out of the container every night to shrink the pot away to nothing. They think they’re eating it but it just kind of goes away. Just genius.

Clearance sale: everything must go!

Pay your kids by the piece. Or, let them sell it back or give it to a dental office. A child with a couple dollars thinks they can buy the world – better that, than a restless child. 

Make a charitable donation

Nursing homes, assisted living centers, food pantries, hospitals or school groups may take it off your hands. Or, do what we do – bring it to work for that 3 PM sugar rush to keep you going in the madness.

Save it (BORING!)

For craft projects, like gingerbread houses, science experiments or to fill a piñata.

These aren’t the candies you’re looking for…

Out of sight, out of mind. Stick a bag of sweets in a kitchen cabinet and you may find yourself emptying it out come next Halloween.

Just let it happen

If candy gets the better of your kids on Oct. 31 – don’t worry, Halloween comes once a year. They’ll be over the candy soon, and things will go back to normal.

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