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Top 7 Chocolate Chip Bedtime Snacks

Top 7 Chocolate Chip Bedtime Snacks

Typically, you shouldn’t eat anything containing chocolate chips before bed – but we won’t tell if you don’t… shh!

Here’s a quick bedtime snack guide for all our chocolate chip lovers:

Choco-Coco Smoothie

A bubbly blend of coconut, chocolate, and banana. The chocolate chips break down into tiny, sweet tidbits after a few whirls in the blender… to be honest, why even finish reading this list right?

Mocha Chip Muffins

Simple and surprisingly healthy! Upgrade ya muffins with sweet chocolate chips and a glass of (chocolate) milk. 60 second

Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie

It’s late, you’ve got work tomorrow so you can’t spend hours baking a whole batch of cookies, so just microwave a single-serving chocolate chip treat in a coffee mug.

Chocolate Chip Mint Greek Yogurt

This one is actually a healthy dessert. Grab some low-fat Greek yogurt, a handful of chocolate chips and voilà – you’ve got a delicious bedtime snack.

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake

So simple yet so amazing – think about it now… the soft moist texture of sweet chocolate chip pound cake, you can’t help but already want to reach for that glass of milk to quench your taste buds and enhance your palate.

Chocolate Chip Coffee Ice Cream

Of course! Who doesn’t love the extra sweetness and texture of chocolate chips mixed with coffee-flavored ice cream.

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Fluffy, much like the delicious pound cake – coffee cake has a layer of chocolate chip streusel in the middle and on top. Pass the coffee… we don’t care if it’s still too hot!

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