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This Sleep Playlist Will Knock You Out

This Sleep Playlist Will Knock You Out

Studies have shown that music can help us sleep better, stay asleep longer, and spend less time lying awake.

People who listen to music before bed report less disturbances during the night, while other benefits discovered included the lessening of depressive symptoms and increased brain function the following day.

However, the songs need to be slower than your heart beat – this is because your heart synchronizes to the beat to help you easily transition into sleep.

Your heart rate should slow down to about 60 beats per minute. You’ll fall asleep quicker and the quality of your sleep will be greatly improved.

Your brain also has its own ‘beat’ going – and should your music and heart synchronize with the pulses in your brain, it can increase brain function for improved memory, decision making and problem solving skills.

More importantly, the benefits of listening to music before bed can apply to both younger and older age groups – making the possibilities for a sleep playlist endless!

Can you think of any tunes that would help you sleep? Load up the snooze playlist and fine-tune your Zzz’s.

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