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This Mattress Saved the Quality of My Life

This Mattress Saved the Quality of My Life

The best way to get the truth about a product, is through other customers. Most customers start with a simple question, and Olson Shay, a mom from central California, was no different.

Olson first reached out to us on Facebook… “can you use a box spring for the base? …Does it help with pain from degenerative disk disease, bulged disks, and nerve damage? I have been through so many beds with no relief. Two high end beds this year alone.”

We provided her with a quick response and a week later Olson decided that this was the mattress for her. Olson came back to her original comment on Facebook to let us know the good news! “I ordered today…Thank you!”

Olson herself suffers from various ailments that have interrupted her quality of sleep for some time now.  You can only imagine how hard she looked to receive relief, “Over the past 5 years I have spent thousands on all the hyped up high end mattresses and pillows. Seeking relief for my pain from degenerative disk disease, scoliosis, migraines, and more.”

Unfortunately, we come across this often when speaking to customers who have poured endless amounts of money into false promises of comfort and pain relief. Olson was like many of these customers until discovering SleepOvation. Olson says, “I came across an ad for sleep ovation in my feed and started doing some research. I decided to give it a try because sleep ovations design is patented and was different from the rest.”

Once Olson received her mattress her quality of sleep improved tremendously. I believe the way she phrased it was, “This mattress has saved the quality of my life.”

We are so happy to hear that Olson Shay is experiencing such relief with the SleepOvation mattress. She says, “It has changed my life. I'm finally able to sleep through the night. I'm waking up with no shoulder pain or severe back pain. My neck doesn't hurt and I haven't had a migraine… I can't say thank you enough.”

There is no need to thank us, we want customers to have the comfort and pain relief they deserve. Olson frequently updates other customers when asked about her experience thus far, and we love her level of engagement. One customer says, “Olson Shay how’s it going?” and of course Olson does not disappoint, “It’s going great. Waiting for my hubs to come home to try it…but I’m loving waking up pain free…”

Olson even makes sure to correct people who may be misinformed about our mattress… Kind of like Nick O., “There’s at least two other mattresses with this same design (purple and allswell). Definitely not ‘world’s only.’”

Olson Shay politely explains, “Nick, it’s different. I actually have a purple 3 propped against my wall in my room waiting for return. It felt horrible. Way too firm, and no give. The sleep ovation is completely different and provides literal individual support and every inch of my body is not only supported but comfortable…” 

Since Olson’s initial experience with the SleepOvation mattress, her husband and son have spoke highly of their experience as well. In fact, the couple looks forward to purchasing a SleepOvation mattress for their son as well. You can read Olson's full review here: https://www.sleepovation.com/pages/reviews

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