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The Truth about those “Top 10 Mattresses” Articles

The Truth about those “Top 10 Mattresses” Articles

Searching for a new mattress typically starts with a google search of the ‘Best mattresses of 2019’.  This is probably the easiest way to find the different brands out there, but it doesn’t always give you the honest information you’re looking for. 

Here at SleepOvation we truly feel customer feedback is the greatest way to provide you information about our product. When you visit our website, you can see a variety of reviews, and even read some of our customer spotlights. Customer spotlights are interviews from real customers who give us direct feedback on their experiences with the SleepOvation mattress. For example, Alicia Pries spotlight below: 

However, that’s not every company’s perspective. You might find some of the same big companies flooding your social media timelines in “Top 10 mattresses” articles. If you look close enough, it’ll be the same companies, just in a different order. Does this mean that they truly have the best mattress? NO. It means they pay more to get the most attention. 

These articles claim to know the top mattresses in this industry, but what they don’t reveal is how much a company pays to make the cut to be a part of the “Top 10”. The article will provide information on materials, comfort, price points, and even a biased rating, but fails to provide the honest customer reviews and feedback. This is not to say the information on the product is not accurate, but rather the opinion is based on compensation rather than use. In other words, this generic information is not based on true customer experience, it’s based on which company paid more to get a feature. 

For this reason, you will never find an authorized SleepOvation mattress on any of these articles. We have plenty of affiliates that use our mattress and swear by its quality and comfort but more important than an affiliates' review we have true customers who share their opinions with us, daily.  

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