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The SleepOvation bed has changed my life! I wake up feeling rested!

The SleepOvation bed has changed my life! I wake up feeling rested!

Alicia Pries shared a great update on her experience with the SleepOvation mattress and it does not disappoint.

As always, we need to give you the back story, on this lovely customer and why the SleepOvation mattress was a must have for her. Alicia stumbled upon our mattress through the most Famous Physical Therapists and it’s a good thing she did because a new mattress was very much so needed.

Alicia says, “I found out 2 months ago I have three herniated discs and knew I needed a new mattress. But how will I find the right bed with so many options out there?! It was a blessing I came across Bob and Brad that led me to SleepOvation during my intensive research on my back injury and what can I do to help myself. Bob and Brad were discussing this mattress with 700 little mattresses in one. I was intrigued! It seemed it was just what my body needed! With a 100-day free trial, there was no doubt I was giving this bed a shot. I am so happy I did.” 

...And she had so much fun unboxing 700 tiny mattresses in One she ended up boxing herself. 😂

We are so happy that Alicia is having such a positive experience with her new SleepOvation mattress. Alicia received her mattress in early March, and she is already seeing the result in her body, and quality of sleep. Alicia tells us, “I have never been a good sleeper, more of a mind wanderer and shift around all night. Tired mornings exist no more as I am in bed early and sleep through the night.”  

Not only was she getting a better sleep through the night, but her body was reaping the benefits of the SleepOvation mattress. Alicia says, “The SleepOvation bed has changed my life! I wake up and my body feels rested. How did you sleep? Every morning it's been the same response, like a rock, my body feels good. I have also been tracking my sleep for months prior to my new mattress and I no longer wake up in the middle of the night.”  

We are not kidding when we say that our patented technology helps to alleviate your aches and pains. It truly is a life-changing sleep experience for many people. If you don’t want to take our word for it, then take Alicia’s, “I would absolutely recommend this mattress. Anyone that I care about that is! This mattress doesn't only help me with my back issue but also makes me feel like I am on a little vacation

The SleepOvation team is dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest Sleep experience possible. If you want to learn more about the life-changing 700 tiny mattresses in One check out more details in our online store.

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