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The Cleanest Mattress in the World

The Cleanest Mattress in the World

Our new factory was designed and built by our superhero team at SleepOvation, which means that all of our mattress assembly equipment has been tailored to our specifications to allow SleepOvation to domestically manufacture our patented pillows and mattresses.  

We’re also neat freaks (just like cats.) Our mattresses and pillows are made in our New Jersey factorywhere we pay strict attention to every minute detail about maintaining a clean manufacturing environment. Every mattress is assembled by highly trained technicians who only touch the mattress with gloved hands. Furthermore, our technicians don face masks and respirators to ensure that every mattress is made and assembled in a clean and sterile manufacturing environment that exists in the mattress industry today. Each mattress is then sealed in a vacuum-packed plastic bag and wrapped in virgin plastic to ensure that the mattress you receive stays clean during its shipping journey. Kind of makes you feel guilty about eating in bed, doesn’t it? 

Consumers should be diligent in their research when buying a new product – especially one you’ll be sleeping on every night. Protect yourself. Protect your cat!

Ensuring this sterile manufacturing process is just another way that SleepOvation is committed to excellent service. We do the thinking so that you don’t have to! Our process keeps you from losing even a wink of sleep (hey, we’re sleep experts!) over the cleanliness and care with which your mattress was crafted, shipped, and handled. 

There are several things consumers can look out for when doing their research and shopping for the best product for their life and budget. For example, it’s important to notice if a product is “Assembled in the US” or doesn’t list the country of origin for all of its components.  This usually means that parts and components are sourced from overseas and have questionable origins, questionable components made from questionable raw ingredients, questionable reliability, and sometimes questionable safety associated with them. You can rest assured that any SleepOvation product is 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA. 

We’ve got your back – literally (hello, 700 tiny mattresses!) and figurately by protecting our customers with service, reliability, and peace of mind.  

Go forth and snooze in heavenly clean sleep. 😁

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