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The Best Wake-Up Game Plan

The Best Wake-Up Game Plan

If you’re looking for the secrets to achieving success at work or school – prioritizing sleep is where you should start. Here are 3 morning habits for a productive day:

Wake Up at The Same Time Everyday

This trains your body and mental clock to wake you at the same time, and keeps your circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) in its best flow for optimal energy.

Expose Yourself to Light

You want to expose yourself to light when you wake up because this also helps calibrate your circadian rhythm to its proper sleep-wake cycle. Exposure to light also relieves morning grogginess by suppressing melatonin and kick starting your metabolism.

Get A Morning Sweat Session In

Morning workouts boost productivity, enhances your mood, and improves cognitive abilities. Morning exercisers display more energy and burn more calories throughout the day in comparison to people who work out later in the day.

With these morning habits, you’ll begin to feel happier and more alert throughout the day – putting you just one idea away from the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

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