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The Adventures of Weronika and Fluffy

The Adventures of Weronika and Fluffy

Quarantine life has many of our routines up-ended. The stress of new working conditions, the stress of the media, and even the temporary closing down of your favorite restaurants can all have a significant impact on our day-to-day lives and stress levels. 

Sleep is an extremely important factor in mood and stress level management. As the sleep experts, we know all the ingredients for the perfect night’s sleep. The first ingredient? The SleepOvation pillow. 

One regal animal that’s been able to balance the stress of the changing times and still get her beauty rest: Fluffy – a slightly overweight Maltese with back issues. Fluffy has gone above and beyond in the ingenuity department: she’s turned the new SleepOvation pillow of her Dog Mom, Weronika, into her new Fluffy-sized mattress. 

But first, how did Weronika come to purchase the SleepOvation pillow? 

After a tiresome hunt for the perfect pillow, she finally found the SleepOvation pillow. After months of pillow-dud after pillow-dud, Weronika was hooked on our pillow, “The pillow is so great that I did what I’ve never done before and took it on our short vacation. I like it so much that, if possible, it will travel with me everywhere. I also put the pillow under my back and tried to imagine how the mattress would feel - I can see us getting one in the future.” 

After finally finding the perfect pillow, Weronika has been forced to defend her new pillow against both her husband and their Maltese, Fluffy.  

Fluffy has her own set of problems, too. Weighing in at just over 11 pounds, she has some joint issues as well as a problematic lower disc in her back. Fluffy, obviously the smartest dog in the world has commandeered the new SleepOvation as her own, just-right-sized mattress. Ahh, sweet relief (barks Fluffy). Weronika elaborates, “I believe my Fluffy loves the fact that the pillow gives her just enough support in the places she needs… She has joint problems and recently had a problem with her lower disc, and I think sleeping on the pillow (during the day, I claim it at night) helped with her back pain. 

Fluffy’s ingenuity is overshadowed only by Weronika’s commitment to finding the perfect pillow. 

So, what drew Weronika to the SleepOvation pillow in the first place?  

Persistent neck problems (and waking up with a headache) inspired the hunt for the perfect pillowWeronika’s journey was frustrating, “I went through many different pillows. At some point, our home looked like a small pillow store.” The endless pillow fiasco continued on until she found the SleepOvation pillow, “I went through so many pillows available on the market, yet nothing worked long term. The other pillows were either losing their shape, were too bulky, too hard or too soft. SleepOvation pillow offered something new, which I’ve never seen in a pillow before, so I decided to give it a try.” 

We are so thrilled that Weronika (and fam) loves their SleepOvation pillow that we asked her some more questions so that SleepOvation-betrothed can finally take the plunge and purchase their best night’s sleep yet. 

SleepOvation wanted to know what the first night with her new pillow (err—Fluffy’s new bed) was like. 

Weronika: “I remember I woke up without a stiff neck or a headache. It was a very nice feeling. I wanted my husband to try the pillow and decide if he wants one too but I only gave it to him for one night because, yet again, my neck was hurting and I did not want to sleep one more night without it.” 

That’s right, after just one night with the SleepOvation pillow, her neck issues were gone. We keep trying to tell you it’s a magic pillow. Maybe Fluffy’s own words will finally convince you, dear future customer. 

SleepOvation: How did you discover SleepOvation in the first place? 

Weronika: A few months ago, I started watching a YouTube channel “Ask Doctor Jo”. One day I saw her review of the SleepOvation pillow and thought I had to try it. The concept was so unique that, even though I was reluctant to spend any more money on "yet another pillow”, I decided to give it a try. 

SleepOvation: What’s your favorite feature of the pillow? 

Weronika: “The pillow is great in supporting my neck, the individual small “pillows” and the springs work perfectly keeping my head supported. Since I started sleeping on the SleepOvation pillow I haven't had any problem with a stiff neck or a headache originating from my neck. 

Fluffy has also given supportive barks when Weronika was giving her answers. However, Fluffy declined to comment further, as the interview with Weronika happened to fall within the window of Fluffy’s naptime. (Hey, Fluffy only gets the pillow during the day, remember? She’s making it count). 

So, whether you need some extra shuteye, are experiencing pain when you sleep or have a dog that is as lazy as they are cute, get yourself (and your whole family) the SleepOvation pillow! 

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