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Sweet Air Channels versus The Purple People Eater: the Rematch!

Sweet Air Channels versus The Purple People Eater: the Rematch!

“We didn’t really understand how awesome those ‘Tiny mattresses’ were until we compared it to the Purple.”  - Dan & Alison Morrow

We hate to say I told you so, but... Told you soWhen it comes to comfort Purple can’t compete with the individual support of 700 tiny mattresses in one!  

SleepOvation has already addressed the overwhelming comments and questions about how the SleepOvation mattress compares to the purple mattress. You can always read more about this in our ‘SleepOvation v. Purple People Eater’ article. 

We truly advise you to read this information before you make the same mistake as our friends Dan & Alison Morrow. Dan, bless his heart, made the grave mistake of buying a SleepOvation mattress, and returning it to buy a p-… a pur-… a purp-... oh we can’t even say it. We’ll just say Dan made the mistake of ditching his SleepOvation mattress for a different mattress.  

When he realized the errors of his ways, he quickly returned the competitors mattress just to come back to SleepOvation. We hate to say, I told you so, but... Told you so. We understand these things happen, and we have forgiven Dan for abandoning us because in the end he made the right decision 

It's a great story, but we rather you read it for yourself.  


 Dan & Alison were very open about their entire experience with SleepOvation. Everything from first impressions, customer service, and recent opinions. Dan tells us, “It seemed too easy to press down one of those “coils.” Sitting on the side of the bed didn’t help. It just seemed too soft. As soon as I laid down, however, everything changed. With my weight dispersed I was amazed at how much support there was. Perfect levels of support in just the right places and no pressure anywhere.” Alison had some reservations of her own the first night, “I fully expected the first few nights to be somewhat uncomfortable as I adjusted to the bed, but I loved it from day 1! The hip pain I’d been dealing with at night was non-existent and sleeping on my stomach was finally comfortable!”  

We wonder ourselves if they loved the mattress so much then why return it? WellDan further elaborates. 

 “Long story short, we bought the SleepOvation mattress and we both liked it, but I was too easily swayed by the power of marketing and really wanted to try the Purple mattress to see if I was missing out on anything. We set up a return with Asia and she handled it perfectly! I couldn’t believe how easy (and guilt-free) it was.  
We were fortunate that a local dealer had some Purple mattresses in stock, so we went down and tried them out. We both thought they felt great and so we ordered a Purple 3. Well, within about two nights we were having buyer’s remorse. We reminded ourselves that it can take time to get used to a new mattress, and especially something like the Purple. We gave it a few weeks and just couldn’t get into it. It felt like we were sleeping on a big slab of fat. So, I went through the return process with my local dealer and got back in touch with Asia. Of course, she was awesome again. She understood completely and found the best deal she could for us and pretty soon we had our SleepOvation back and we’ve been in love with it ever since.”  

We are very happy that this all worked out in the end. As for their opinion of their new SleepOvation mattress… Dan says, I still love it. We’ve had it a few months now and it’s still so comfortable. Regardless of whether I’m on my stomach or my side, I always sleep well. As for Alison, If you haven’t guessed, we still love it. I’ve never owned a bed that I looked forward to lying down on until now. We’ve had it for a few months, and it sleeps just like night one.”  

We love to rave about the SleepOvation mattress, but we love it, even more, when our customers speak so highly of their experience. We received so much awesome feedback from Dan & Alison, and we appreciate their outspoken support for SleepOvation. If you are still wondering if you should buy your SleepOvation mattress just ask Dan, I would definitely recommend the SleepOvation – in fact, I often do! The comfort of the bed itself and the great customer service we’ve experienced make it easy to recommend.”  



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