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The Successful Ninja Warrior’s Sleep Guide

The Successful Ninja Warrior’s Sleep Guide

The world’s best performance enhancer? Sleep, baby! Here are 6 sleep strategies for peak athletic Ninja Warrior performance.

Stick to the script

Erratic sleep schedules create body-clock disruptions that can turn into chronic sleep problems. Someone who wakes up at 5:00 am on most days, but sleeps until 9:00 am on weekends, is readjusting their body’s internal clock for 2 days every week… so, establish set times.

Use the bedroom only for this

Athletes need to be particularly wary of using technology within an hour of going to bed – and should ONLY be using the bedroom for activities related to sleep, like sleep and sex.

Stress free zone

Dealing with ‘worry issues’ outside of the bedroom can be tough for anyone who is striving to excel in sports. But there are some simple techniques that can help minimize the time spent lying awake in bed stressing. Allow yourself a sense of closure each night by writing down your concerns and possible solutions, and then physically lay them aside.

Bedtime rituals

Humans are creatures of habit, and once well-learned sequences of behaviors are established, one action stimulates the next. It’s important to adhere to a consistent nightly routine... turn the TV off at 9 PM, read a book for 30 minutes – and be in bed by 10:30 PM. 

Quit clocking me, bro

Watching the clock sets up a maladaptive pattern of thinking: You wake up for a few seconds, but instead of just going back to sleep, you look at the clock thinking, ‘it’s already midnight and I’m still not sound asleep!’ Then you start to worry, ‘what if I don’t fall asleep again soon’, and so on. Face the clock away from you! 

#1 trick before going to bed

When sleep does not come readily, get out of bed, go into another room, and engage in some type of quiet activity for 30 minutes until feelings of sleepiness return. Go back into the bedroom and try again.

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