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Star Wars’ Wookie “Chewbacca” Sleeps for 18 Hours?

Star Wars’ Wookie “Chewbacca” Sleeps for 18 Hours?

We’ve all probably wondered at one point or another – what is sleep like in the Star Wars universe?

Like our universe, sleep is unconscious rest needed by species across the Galaxy, including Humans, Hutts, Gamorreans, Bothans, and Kaleesh.

Other species enter a trance, where they’re aware of their surrounding as if they were awake while being able to rest as sleeping species do. We’d love to be able to do this at work, FYI!

Do they sleep at night too?

Humans and other species typically sleep at night, and it is also necessary for peak performance.

Sleep deprived characters can experience depression, exhaustion and hallucinations all the way to a possible psychotic break… and who needs a psychotic grumpy Jedi on the loose? They might as well be a Sith Lord! 😂

How Jedi use the force to sleep

Jedi for the most part sleep like us, but unlike us their “dreams” are called Force Visions – which allows them to see into the past and future and in their case, nightmares are real!

More so, Jedi can use their powers to induce sleep and render a person unconscious, like when Qui-Gon Jinn did it to Jar Jar Binks, or as Kylo Ren demonstrated on Rey.

What about the Wookie?

Wookies live from about 400 to 500 years on average. Additionally, they live on the very dangerous planet of Kashyyyk – where they must fend off large predators and invaders.

We can’t imagine there’s a lot of stress-free down time for Wookies. And Given Chewbacca’s “active” lifestyle – our guess is that he’s not sleeping much at all.

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