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SO... Eating in Bed. Yum...

SO... Eating in Bed. Yum...

You asked we answered: what parts of my new SleepOvation mattress (or bunkie board) are edible? The answer is none. But, we know the pain of going to bed on an empty stomach, no one likes it. Even our favorite doggo Chewy loves to have a bowl of vanilla ice cream before he sails off on our sweet air channels. We’ve taken steps to prevent our customers from this literal nightmare.  

First, let’s break it down: should you eat in bed? Many experts will say no, but why the hell not?! We’re not here to educate you, we’re here to free you from the crumbs! 


Should You Eat In Bed? 

Pros: it’s cozy and warm. Snacks all day and all night. Netflix and Cheetos? Do we really have to convince you? 

Cons: Sleep, crackle and pop! It’s those damn crumbs wreaking havoc on our perfect sleep.  

“There must be another way!” your cat cries out, as you brush an accumulation of weeks’ worth of crumbs from their fur. 

Not to mention that since your cat is obviously sleeping in the bed that they helped you pick out (you’re no monster, after all!), you’ve got a nice stockpile of cat hair on your new mattress too. 

How do you keep your pillow and mattress clean? 

Now, we’re not saying we have all the answers, but we do have a lot of them. Especially sleep-related ones! 

There are several tools available for purchase online that can rid your sanctuary (bed!) of crumbs. But, we know what you’re thinking: $7 for a subpar crumb remover? Why, that’s the price of a bag of cat food (your cat gets to eat in bed too, right? Spread the love.) We feel your pain, and that’s why we’ve taken steps to make each of the 700 tiny mattresses as snackable and cat-friendly as they are comfy. 

Let’s get down to business. With the SleepOvation mattress, keeping your slumber crumb-free is easy, breezy, thank goodness for cheesy! 


How To Keep Your Mattress and Pillow Clean: 

SleepOvation mattresses and pillows come with a removable, washable cover. This means you can snack for nights upon nights before deciding the hot sauce, Cheez-It and cat hair combination you have going on isn’t super sexy. Maybe you have a date. Maybe your cat has exiled you to the couch. Take back your life. Wash your mattress and pillow covers.  


The zip-off removable covers the come with every mattress and pillow allow maximum comfort (the pillow provides extra cooling technology without a pillow case!), allowing you to wash the cover as often as you would your pillowcase or sheets. Ban the sweat. Keep the snacks. That’s our motto – or at least it should be! Note to editor – can we make this our motto? 


How Often Should I Wash My Mattress and Pillow Cover? 

If you see cheetle on your pure white mattress of pillow cover, wash it.   

And we do, however, recommend washing the pillow cover at the same rate you’d wash your pillowcase. Protect your cat’s skin, for crying out loud. 

Anything Else I Need To Know? 

SleepOvation mattresses and pillows are just as snack-friendly as they are sleep-friendly. We developed this mattress for maximum comfort, and that includes using your bed the way you want to. You can use it for sleep. You can use it for lovin. You can use it for pain relief. You can use it for pizza. Go and Do. Snack sweet, sleep sweet. Delicious Zzzzz 



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