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SleepOvation Put Springs in your Pillow!

SleepOvation Put Springs in your Pillow!

SleepOvation is known for 700 tiny mattresses in Oneand if 700 tiny mattresses weren’t enough, we were hoping you all could make room for 77 tiny pillows in One! 

Our customers are always asking for more SleepOvation products, but the most requested product is a SleepOvation pillow! It took some time to shrink 700 tiny mattresses into 77 tiny pillows, but we did it! 

The SleepOvation pillow is comprised of 77 individual cushions that engage with pocketed micro-springs to provide pressure relief to the contours of the face, head, and neck areas.  The SleepOvation pillow includes our signature sweet air channels for cool refreshing air flow; and a removable washable cover that is cool to the touch and sweat resistant. 

Just like the SleepOvation mattress, the SleepOvation pillow moves with you and individually responds to each contour of your face head, and neck. The SleepOvation pillow is quiet, flexible, and easy to manipulate which allows you to experience a new level of comfort with the SleepOvation pillow.  

The SleepOvation pillow is live and available for pre-order as of today November 5th, 2019 so don’t hesitate because the SleepOvation pillow is going to change your life, and we can’t wait for you to get the best sleep of your life with 77 tiny pillows in one!  

For more information on the SleepOvation pillow please click this link: 

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