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SleepOvation Creates DIY COVID-19 Mask

SleepOvation Creates DIY COVID-19 Mask

SleepOvation technology created the world’s best mattress - made up of 700 tiny mattresses to provide luxury, comfort, and spine support in one.  With the COVID-19 crisis, we turned our innovative minds toward how SleepOvation could contribute to helping mitigate the effects of the pandemic.    

We’ve developed a solution using our outside-the-box thinking: a DIY mask to alleviate the shortage.  Instead of making “less than perfect” N95 replacement masks, we figured out how to take an existing N95 mask, or surgical mask, or HEPA filter material, and incorporate it into a respirator style mask that will last for years and be more effective than disposable N95 masks. 

What’s special about this mask?   

  • It’s full face, protecting eyes, nose and mouth.  
  • It’s DIY  
  • It’s cool looking  
  • It has N100 particle filtration when using HEPA filter material 
  • It’s seal is both 100% watertight and airtight 
  • It’s more effective than the masks currently being used in hospitals  
  • It's not disposable; it can be used for years.  
  • It's not expensive  

There’s a widespread problem in the United States: there aren’t enough quality masks for health care workers and the rest of the population. Health care workers aren’t receiving the protection they need. The CDC has recommended that everyone wear a mask.  However, we have to reserve the effective masks for health care workers, and the masks aren’t even 40% effective because of their poor fit. And lack of eye protection. In fact, testing shows that 65% of these healthcare masks from China have failed efficacy tests.   

It’s also been recommended that you shield your eyes, not just your nose and mouth, when in public 

It’s also worth noting that you will look really cool (or silly, but either way, it’s cool -- and more importantly, safe) when you wear the DIY mask.  

What You Need To Make Your DIY COVID-19 Mask:  

  • Either an a True HEPA filter that also includes a matching piece of knit or non-woven fabric, a N95 mask or an ASTM Level 1 surgical mask 
  • full face snorkel mask 
  • Scotch tape 
  • A small flat head screwdriver 

The Mask:  

Going snorkeling anytime soon? No? Perfect. Grab your snorkel mask - this is the foundation of your super cool, super effective, new DIY COVID-19 face mask.  Don’t have a snorkel mask?  There are plenty of places online to buy one. 

Using your flat head screwdriver, gently pry off the top of the snorkel filter that houses one or more ball check valves. Next, remove the ball check valve(s) from the snorkel mask. Snap the top of the snorkel filter back in place. 

Place an existing N95 mask, ASTM surgical mask, or a True HEPA filter in your snorkel mask air path to ensure effective filtering against the COVID-19 virus. If you are using a HEPA filter, make sure it is sandwiched inside of the fabric cloth.  You can get started on your HEPA filter (and guess what? They’re in stock!) here. 

Seal the filter in place using scotch tape along the edges. 

The faceguard created with the snorkel seal makes a 100% watertight, airtight face seal that’s comfortable to wear. The faceguard shields the nose, mouth, and eyes!  It’s also roomy in there as the wearer will have 180 degrees of vision 

The filtered air inlet is above and behind the wearer, keeping it away from the face should the filter get dirty and keeping it away from the exhaled air of anyone you may be facing in your interactions.  

The mask can be sterilized so other people can share the same mask after being sterilized.

This mask can be worn for weeks or months by one or more people, drastically reducing replacement needs and therefore drastically reducing shortages If the filter gets dirty, it’s easy and inexpensive to replace.  Just the filter gets replaced.  The mask lives on. 

Creating an effective, comfy and fun to wear mask is a great way to sustainably protect the population and our front-line workers against this virus.   

SleepOvation is happy to work with any healthcare organization to teach them how to make these masks.   

We’re all in this together. Let’s do our part by being responsible, practicing social distancing, and checking in on our loved ones.

Media Contact: 
Asia Bryant  

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