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Sleeping with a Fan on will do What to Me??

Sleeping with a Fan on will do What to Me??

Many people use a fan to help them cool down while they sleep, especially during the summer, but here’s how this can present several health problems.

Fans cool down the bedroom, and can also act as white noise to soothe you into sleep, but they can also move dust particles and other allergens around the room.

More so, the constant blast of air will also cause dry skin. You can use lotions and moisturizers to prevent this, but if your skin is excessively dry, use caution and monitor your skin. Especially if you shower before bed!

And if you’re waking up with a sore neck – concentrated cool air can cause muscles to tense up and cramp.

So should you ditch the fan or is this all just in between our ears?

If you sleep with the doors and windows closed, a fan will help with air circulation and if you live in a noisy neighborhood or your partner snores like a baby seal – a fan will definitely drown out those disruptive sounds.

Really, the only reason you should completely avoid one is if it’s causing a health concern. Say for example, if it is triggering allergy and asthma attacks or it’s drying out your skin or sinuses.

Here a few alternatives you can try

To cool down a room, try hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. Don’t ask us how… but it works!

Keep the curtains and shades all day, to prevent your room from ever really getting hot-hot.

Get the right sheets, and pajamas – or no pajamas – being in contact with right fabrics is key when it comes to keeping cool.

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