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Sleeping Next to a Charging Phone will Mess You Up

Sleeping Next to a Charging Phone will Mess You Up

We’ve all done it – let our phones dwindle down to 4% to then let it charge next to us overnight while we sleep.

Experts now warn that sleeping next to a charging phone could be very bad for us.

According to David Gale, of Gale & Snowden, an eco-architecture firm, our nervous system operates on very low voltage electricity – meaning the brain uses electricity to send signals to our muscles.

For some, the man-made alternating current that powers our homes can interfere with these processes. This might be why some people may find it difficult to sleep near a charging phone.

Because batteries heat up when charging, it's also a major fire risk charging your phone on your bed or under your pillows while you sleep – forget about those brain cells, you’ll burn down the house!

Try placing your phone in a saucer while it charges to avoid starting any inadvertent fires. It’ll protect you… at least until you wake up and smell the smoke, right?

Brain damage and fire risks aside – we all know the adage, charging your phone longer than required will damage it. Living with fewer brain cells? Sure. Living without Twitter and Facebook… what’re you? Crazzzzyyy?

Though it does make sense to recharge our phones while we in fact recharge our own battery with sleep - charging your phone overnight just isn't worth the mental and physical health risks to you, and the technical risks for your handheld best friend.

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