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Sleep Stories that will have you Laughing all Night

Sleep Stories that will have you Laughing all Night

When you are getting such great sleep on your SleepOvation mattress, you cannot be liable for what’s said. When you are stuck in deep, comfortable sleep there is no telling what you could say.

Sleep talking is a very common occurrence, and more prevalent in children and men. There is no logic behind what people say in their sleep, and it is not a product of rational thought. If you are a regular sleep talker a good way to prevent the habit is to reduce stress levels and establishing a sleeping routine. 

If you are having troubles sleeping at night, try getting a good few laughs out. Studies show that laughter increases the release of melatonin, a hormone that is released at the onset of falling asleep. So, to help you all get that great night’s rest, we have brought you some of the funniest things people have said in their sleep.

My mum, after falling asleep on the couch: “We’ll need to find a replacement…”

Me: “for what?”

Mum: “Your sister” —Reddit user frankiedarlin


My wife told me last month that while I was sleeping, I said, “Set the burrito trap.” —porkfatrules


My dad was coming out of surgery. Sat up, pointed at my mom and said, “after I get rid of her, I am going to clown school.” He then laid back down and went back to sleep. —danmanne


My wife used to work in the "window coverings" department at Penney's. More than once, she's sold me drapes in her sleep. My largest order was over $1,500. —Reddit User wbgraphic.


My wife woke up to find that I had thrown off all the blankets and was lying there in my boxers. She poked me and said, "aren't you cold?" I sat up and replied, in my sleep: "Jesus is my heater." -reddit user coolHandMike


My wife constantly says SWEET AIR CHANNELS in her sleep and it's so awesome I love her! (okay, this one is totally made up by us. 😄 Make sure you check out the amazing sweet air channels in the SleepOvation 700 tiny mattresses in One).

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