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Sleep Awareness Week: Dealing With Side Effects of Daylight Savings

Sleep Awareness Week: Dealing With Side Effects of Daylight Savings

This is the perfect time of year to implement new sleeping habits and routines.

Daylight savings continues to disrupt our mood, attention span, and mental sharpness well after the initial hour shift. One study even found that there are more fatal car crashes during the first six days of Daylight Savings.

More so, since we’re now waking up when it’s still dark out, our internal clocks are thrown off. But no worries, here are some natural sleep hacks to combat the side effects of daylight savings time.

When you wake up

Wake up at your usual time to keep your body’s internal clock on track. Have some water with lemon to hydrate and jump start your digestion. When the sun comes out, take a walk outside for increased vitamin D production and mood enhancement.

During the day

Avoid consuming coffee and other things that will keep you up at night. You can opt for natural sources of energy – such as a turmeric powder and ginger tonic or other herbal teas that will aid restorative sleep.

Before you go to sleep

When you’re about to turn the lights out – sit up and begin to steady your breath:

Inhale (2 seconds)

Hold your breath (1 second)

Exhale gently (4 seconds)

Then hold breath (1 second)

Practice this routine this week, if not every week, to get your sleep back on track. Relax – sleeeeep!

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