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Santa’s Christmas Eve Sleep Guide

Santa’s Christmas Eve Sleep Guide

Who said Christmas was only exciting for kids? On Christmas Eve, a fifth of adults sleep less than five hours and almost a third wake up between 4 – 7 AM on Christmas.

More so, 41% of adults feel excited on Christmas morning. So we’ve decided to gift you Santa's sleep guide to wake up fresh and ready to enjoy Christmas with your family:

Sleep Deprive Yourself

Wake up really early on Christmas Eve – by 10 pm you’ll be fast asleep like a baby.

Sober Santa is a Happy Santa

Leave ‘Santa’ a non-alcoholic alternative to Scotch, and by Santa we mean you. You’ll avoid the disruptive effects of alcohol during sleep, and avoid waking up hungover on Christmas.

Use Santa’s Little Helper

Don’t test your marriage at 2 am putting together your kid’s new tricycle – assemble and wrap gifts well in advance and hide them at one of your elves’ house, aka the garage!

Online Delivery

Order the ingredients for your Christmas dinner online, and have them delivered so you don’t have to fight Becky with the good hair at ShopRite over the last packet.

Put the Kids to Sleep (Good Luck!)

This will allow you to get everything ready without them snooping around.

Power Down

The blue light from your screen(s) will keep you awake, power down so you’ll sleep better – and have more energy to talk with family or to avoid that one annoying relative. Yeah, you know which one!

Sleep Well

Don’t be kept awake by nightmares of a white bearded man with a belly – relax, lay back, it’ll be Christmas in the morning.

The SleepOvation team wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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