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Ron Duguay’s Secret to Life is Sleep

Ron Duguay’s Secret to Life is Sleep

The NHL season has started, and we all know hockey is one of the most challenging and grueling sports to play – so you can imagine the effect on the body, especially for an NHL legend like Ron Duguay.

Like a lot of athletes, Ron Duguay took many hits to his lower back throughout his illustrious 12 seasons in the National Hockey League. Now, he often feels discomfort in his joints and back when sleeping – but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to play recreational hockey in his downtime, when he’s not covering the NY Rangers on MSG as an in-studio analyst.

So, what’s Ron’s secret that allows him to keep going hard on the ice-paint? Sleep –  and lots of it. Ron recommends getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night, and not just plain old fashioned sleep – but good, proper healthy sleep.

“You’ve got to have proper sleep, which means you’ve got to have a great mattress.” Duguay says. “In addition to 7-8 hours of sleep, I need to get the right amount of comfort that my body needs to alleviate all my pains and give me that deep restful sleep”, he adds. 

Duguay believes anyone can benefit from the right mattress, and for him - it's the SleepOvation "700 in One" mattress. “It's great for anybody who suffers from back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and many other pains”, he concludes.

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