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Quick Guide To Napping At Work

Quick Guide To Napping At Work

We know what you’re thinking – “easy for them to say they’re a mattress company!”. You’re right. We spend all day laying on 700 “tiny mattresses”, testing different springs and cushions, and most importantly – getting sweet back pain relief!

Coffee and lunch breaks make for great nap-times, and your increased efficiency will be all the reasoning you need. If you’ve made it this far into the workday, congrats! Here’s how to cut through your fog of sleepiness:

  1. Locate a quiet space where you won’t be bothered.
  2. Get yourself a sleep mask and earplugs.
  3. Set an alarm for 20 minutes, otherwise you’ll feel even groggier than before.

The real solution to daytime sleepiness and fatigue is 8 hours of sleep the night before, but who has time for that anyway? Taking a 20-minute nap during your break is much more effective than pretending to be productive. Live a little – or, nap-a-little.

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