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Quick Guide for Your New Puppy’s Sleep Schedule

Quick Guide for Your New Puppy’s Sleep Schedule

What’s worse… a new puppy or a newborn baby? Trick question – it’s both!

Puppies wake up so often when they’ve been separated from their mothers and littermates, but with the right plan – it can be easy to make it through the night with your new puppy.

First, prep them for bed – having set bedtime routines can prepare your pup for sleep. More importantly, get-them-tired! Throw a toy around, play hide-and-seek, or play the name recognition game with your family members.

Play soothing sounds - classical music before bed helps lessen whining and anxiety, and drowns out unfamiliar noises that are sure to upset your puppy.

Make them feel right at home – place a t-shirt, with the scent of the home your puppy came from next to them to help them ease into their new home. An even better idea is to give a toy to your puppy in advance before they move in, to help them transition into their new environment.

Place your puppy in a crate near your bed – Darken the room. Then go quietly to sleep… no big deal, right? Sleeping with your puppy in close proximity helps build your bond, and lessens the yearning for their mother and littermates.

Midnight bathroom breaks - Don’t let them think it’s playtime when you get up to take them out. Stand in one spot and wait for them to go. Overtime, your puppy will build bladder control and should sleep through the night without needing to go.

Puppies are early risers! Puppies naturally wake up around 5:30am. Get up, let them out, and feed or play with them so they'll want to go back to sleep right away.

Godspeed new puppy owners - we hope you get the sleep you and your pup deserve!

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