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Quick Guide for the Ultimate Bedtime Routine

Quick Guide for the Ultimate Bedtime Routine

Creating rituals is one of the most powerful ways to effect a change in behavior. These 6 bedtime routine tips will ensure when you hit the sheets your body and mind will be in its optimal relaxed state.

Prep for tomorrow

Prepare everything you’ll need for tomorrow – your clothes, wallet, work bag, keys, cell phone, lunch, etc. Do this as soon as you get home, before you run out of steam.

Crunch some numbers

Figure out what time to go to sleep so you can wake up rested and refreshed. Most adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep. Once you determine your optimal amount of sleep, make your bedtime and wake time consistent. 

Bedtime alarm

Set an alarm to remind you to disconnect from errands, work, PCs, TV, and any other stimulating activities. You may even consider turning off electronics at a certain time every night.

Put the Pringles down

Stay away from large meals, and avoid caffeine or alcohol at night. If you can’t survive without a bedtime snack, pair tryptophan–containing foods and carbohydrates, like half a turkey sandwich, granola with low–fat yogurt, or a banana.

Inhale, exhale

When you’re ready for bed, it’s important to quiet your brain for sleep. Create a tranquil atmosphere – turn down the lights and practice a relaxing activity like meditation, journaling, yoga stretches, listening to relaxing music, and reading. 


The key is to make your bedtime routine something simple that you can consistently do to relax before bed.

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