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Quick Guide For Sleeping With Your Pet

Quick Guide For Sleeping With Your Pet

Sharing a bed with your pet may not always result in a good night’s sleep, especially when their cute snoozing keeps you from repositioning yourself.

Here a few bedtime spots pets prefer and how to adjust when you’re stuck in one position for the entire night.

Master of the Bed

When you both start out in your own spot, but you wake up during the night and your pet has taken over the bed. Proceed with caution… or don’t, and reclaim your bed.

Lap Dog

This is when your pet lays out straight or balled-up on top of your stomach. For pets on the smaller side you can prop your back up by putting a pillow underneath your lower back to relieve pressure.

The Burrito

Leave a spare blanket on the side of your bed, within your pets reach so that you’re not waking up freezing next to your pup rolled up tight hogging your blanket.

The Butterfly

This is when your pet cuddles up in between your legs, for larger pets this can force you to stretch your muscles but it will help you gain some flexibility the more frequently you do it.

Chin Up

Some pets will try to keep their heads up at all costs, using your leg, knee, wrist, etc. You’ve got to keep that body part still but you can twist your body until you find your own sweet spot.

Middle Man

This is when your pet decides to be human by sleeping with their head on a pillow and their paws over the blanket, in between you and your partner. Sleep as you like, just don’t roll over on top of them!

Other positions are sleeping face-to-face, spooning, night cap (when they sleep on your head), and even parrot style (right on your shoulder). Our advice? If they’re happy, you’re happy.

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