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Quick Guide for Napping on July 4th

Quick Guide for Napping on July 4th

Between the mid-day BBQs and the nighttime fireworks – enjoying yourself on July 4th can be quite exhausting. Here’s a quick nap guide to help you take on your July 4th holiday plans!

Sleep-in for an extra hour

An extra hour of sleep in the morning will allow you to get extra sleep without messing with your circadian rhythm. Too much sleep will make it harder to fall asleep later that night and all that tossing and turning will leave you groggy and grumpy at work the next morning!

Power nap before the cookout

Take a 15-20 minute nap around 2 pm – when your body’s energy is at its low point. This will give you energy to host your BBQ and keep you from feeling sleepy before the fireworks start.

Everything in between

Try not to beast on hotdogs and burgers too close to bedtime. Lying down too quickly after a big meal can encourage stomach acid to reflux into the esophagus – and of course be disruptive to sleep.

Americans buy more than 63 million cases of beer in the two weeks surrounding July 4, according to a 2010 report from The Neilsen Company. Alcohol causes sleep fragmentation - when you wake up more often during the early-morning hours, or wake up early and can’t fall back asleep at all.

Stop consuming alcohol at least two hours before bed, and considering cutting down on alcohol throughout the day. A good trick is to alternate alcoholic drinks with water.

Finally, the fireworks

Of course, the show doesn’t start until it’s dark out and there's a tendency to stay up late on your day off - if you do stay up, try to get an adequate amount of sleep to keep your body's sleep balance in line.

If you only manage six or seven hours, get outside for some bright light first thing in the morning, to help put your circadian rhythms back on track.

Happy Independence Day!

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