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Quick Guide: Hosting a Pizza Party Sleepover for Your Kids

Quick Guide: Hosting a Pizza Party Sleepover for Your Kids

Hosting a successful pizza party is actually very easy, if you know what you’re doing… 😉

This isn’t your average “how to throw a pizza party” guide – we’re here to talk about the common mistakes parents usually make when they host pizza party sleepovers. Here are 7 tips to give your child's pizza party sleepover that special UMPH it needs!

Have the dough finished and ready to go

Your only party prep should be getting the toppings ready. Most homemade pizzas are 10-14 inches – enough to feed three children. What’s your head count?

Are your toppings chopped and ready?

Have everything chopped, measured, and mixed together – like bacon, pepperoni, vegetables... in fact, ask your child what they want in advance.

Keep your recipes simple!

No child wants to wait around and watch pizzas cook – they just want to eat. Ideally, by the time you get one pizza sliced and served on the table, the next will almost be ready.

Offer a few different flavors

One bacon, and one pepperoni pizza; one barbecue chicken pizza; and two plain pizzas … if you’re feeling risky try something different and follow it with a more traditional crowd pleaser.

Label each pizza topping

When you have 22 bowls of ingredients, you forget what goes where. You’ll also want to print each pie's ingredients to control the pizza making madness.

Open them windows!

Pizzas typically cook at 550°F, and you heat up the oven for a while beforehand too – so things can get pretty hot pretty fast. The last thing you want is hyper sweaty children running around!

Thanks for the midnight snack

When it’s all said and done – leave a slice or two out for them to munch on when they wake up at 2 AM to turn over… trust us, you'll become the coolest parent they know. 😂

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