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Quick Guide for a Green Bedroom on Earth Day

Quick Guide for a Green Bedroom on Earth Day

Step 1: Throw the whole bedroom out! … Just kidding, here are some quick bedroom changes you can make this Earth Day.

Rugs can change the vibe of any bedroom

Try natural fibers in calming colors and cozy textures. Look for certifications such as GOTS and Fair Trade, and especially avoid chemical treatments/toxicity.

Your own mini Zen garden

Plants help create a calm ambiance and improve the air quality. Depending on your set up you could go with a Weeping Fig, a Lily Turf, or any other one of Nasa’s approved air-purifying plants.

Scents can go a long way

Opt for organic home-made candles scented with natural essential oil at your local farmer’s market. You can also diffuse essential oils with filtered water in your bedroom.

Clean up your linen game

Look for bedding made with 100% natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and hemp linen – and of course certifications and Fair Trade.

You can also opt for pajamas made of natural materials. Go a step further by washing your bedding gear with eco-friendly detergents.

Take in some clean fresh air

You should regularly air out bedrooms and bedding. Medical physicians and journals all recommend opening windows to recycle the air regularly. In the mornings, let your bedding air out for a while as well.

The key is to keep your bedroom clean to make it healthy and safe for your sleep.

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