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New Sleep Trend ‘Slow Lit’ Instantly Knocks You Out

New Sleep Trend ‘Slow Lit’ Instantly Knocks You Out

Trying to get a good night’s sleep is like a dog chasing cars – a pipe dream. You’ve heard of so-and-so’s two-minute technique? Been there, done that. Stretching as an all-natural sleep aid? Forget about it. But, this new sleep-aid is a real winner. 

The truth is no single method works for everybody, however the emerging trend of sleep podcasts might be an effective solution for all. If you’re looking for a bedtime routine to reunite you with Mr. Sandman, “slow lit”—a series of ultra-boring audio bedtime stories—is the answer.

There’s nothing like a dull series of podcasts designed specifically to knock you out with a combination of content and intonation—or rather lack thereof.

Sleep With Me dedicates several episodes that recaps and analyses of Game of Thrones. Cool right? Nope… for over 90 minutes, the host speaks in the dulcet monotones. Just about anyone would have to possess some serious resolve to overcome the severe drowsiness “slow lit” induces. 

Many others are starting to offer their own version of slow lit with “Sleepcasts,” – described as unique audio experiences meant to transport listeners into slumber. One particular sleepcast, “Cat Marina” tells the stories of various cats living on boats in – yup, you guessed it – a marina. And to no surprise, the narrator’s delivery is as stimulating as a cardboard box (unless you’re a cat of course).

Perhaps, our first grade teachers were onto something when they read The Boxcar Children to us before nap-time. If you haven’t tried listening to stories about, well, nothing but boringness to fall asleep – now is the time.

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