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MARCH MADNESS! How to go on living after your team's defeat

MARCH MADNESS! How to go on living after your team's defeat

Welcome to the season of high-rising feelings, and buzzer beater history making shots. The thrilling sport of basketball can be suspenseful, and full of energy and although you aren’t the one running up and down the court, by the end of the night you will be exhausted too.

There are a lot of emotions in the stadium when you are watching your team dominate that court, but what if your team isn’t dominating on game night? You may find yourself feeling a bit anxious, and if things don’t end in your favor you may find yourself experiencing sadness, pain, or even genuine heart-break. ☹

Although we don’t want to think about a heart-breaking defeat, we might need consider the odds. So how do you cope with your teams embarrassing defeat?

  1. First things first, you need to accept the defeat. Yes, that means acknowledging all your friends hackling texts, taunting emails, and gloating phone calls. Trust me it will pass, and they will tire themselves out.
  1. Try and not dwell on the faults of your team, and most importantly don’t blame yourself for believing in them. There is no way you could have seen this coming.
  1. Support from others will always help the healing process. Call other fans and discuss how you feel about the defeat. Only discuss the defeat for about 20- 30mins, anything more could result in tears, and will just re-open the wounds.
  1. Avoid watching highlights, and news reports of the loss. You need to focus on moving forward.
  1. Lastly and most importantly, stay true and loyal to your team! You will comeback from this...one day.

If none of this works, then get in your 700 tiny mattresses in One, and get a goodnights rest. Tomorrow is a new day, and another chance to dominate the courts. Hoop Dreams! Booyah!

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