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Look Your Hottest by Sleeping at This Time

Look Your Hottest by Sleeping at This Time

Beauty sleep is a real thing – here’s what time you need to be in bed to maximize your hotness.

There's a specific time we should be in bed and waking up to look our most attractive. According to a recent study, people who got an average of 9 hours and 10 minutes of good quality sleep each night were most likely to report positive benefits to their looks.

The research also revealed that we should aim to be snooze by 9:45pm and hating our lives, waking up, at 6:55am.

You don’t have to spend an absurd amount of money trying to look pretty, or covering up those bags underneath those sleep deprived eyes when sleeping is 100% free and well – it’s sleep. Who doesn’t love sleep?

Achieving a better night's sleep can positively impact our overall appearance. It’s important to consider the quality of sleep you’re getting and creating an environment which enables quality sleep.

This could include investing in a comfortable bed with individual support, creating a calm and quiet sleeping environment, or starting a regular pre-sleep routine – like these soldiers.

Though this doesn’t bode well for those of us addicted to late night television, we may have to hit the sheets at 9:45pm for the next couple of weeks – and see if we get any prettier.

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