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Is Jumping On the Bed the Fountain of Youth?

Is Jumping On the Bed the Fountain of Youth?

There are tons of fun activities that take place in bed – sleeping, snuggling, snacking, and more. At SleepOvation, we’ve created a well-rounded mattress that satisfies every bed-focus activity.  That includes jumping on the bed. 

Whether you’re 4 or 40, jumping on the bed is an important way to let loose, have fun, and maybe even strengthen your core muscles in the process. Who does CrossFit, anyway?  

Whether it’s to embrace your inner child, or show your kids how it’s done, we’ve put together a list of the most important do’s (and do not’s!) of jumping on the bed. 

First things first: why jump on your bed? Um, because it’s fun. Do you need more of a reason than that? When’s the last time you did something in your day just because it’s fun?! It’s a way to revisit childhood, and it’s basically the next best thing to flying. 

So, read on, mattress enthusiasts – here’s your guide to jumping on the bed. 

What are some of the benefits of bed jumping? It turns out that jumping on the bed can actually be pretty good for you. Besides the stress-busting benefits of revisiting your childhood that we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of other physical benefits to this…  dare we say exercise? This can actually be a great cardiovascular workout, as you’re using many parts of your body at once. It works your muscles and improves coordination, which can be really important in the developmental years of kids. Any rigorous physical activity also keeps the lymph system active, which keeps the gunk in your body moving – and moving out. The mental benefits of exercise are also no secret and kids and adults alike need to MOVE. In this day in age, it is important to move your body and keep active. Don’t let the tablet win. 

Jumping on the bed can also be a fun way for kids and adults to roughhouse in a safe manner! It’s basically an indoor trampoline. Spatial awareness and self-regulation cannot be underestimated and is an essential skill for humans (and possibly cats) of any age to master. Teaching your kids to let loose while improving their reflexes is way more fun for everyone when it doesn’t involve concrete. 

What kind of mattress is best to jump on? While you can certainly jump on any mattress, we obviously recommend specifically jumping on a SleepOvation mattress! Think about it – 700 tiny mattresses in one means you have extra spring in every jump. Go higher.  

Bonus: the sweet air channels in our mattresses keep your feet cool and sweat free – which means both a longer jumping time and a no-slip surface on which to live your dream 

Should I make a date out of jumping on the bed? How long have you known this person? If it’s your first date, probably not. If you’re married, go with your gut. When all else fails, ask your trusted feline for their read on the situation. Cats know. 

Should I jump with socks on? If it’s your own mattress, and yours alone, go sock free. You’ll get some extra grip without socks. But if you share a bed with your spouse, pet, or kids, do everyone a favor and wear your favorite socks. Sure, you might sacrifice some grip, but no one wants to snuggle up in your feet-infested canvas.  

ProTip: in order to get the grip and be considerate, give your feet a quick wash before beginning. We know it removes some of the spontaneity of it all, but your cat will probably watch you in a slightly less judging manner if your feet are clean. 

Will my self-built bunkie board support jumping on the bed? It depends on how good of a carpenter you are. Let’s find out together. 

What should I consider before jumping on the bed? This is effectively the disclaimer section of the article – we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Use your judgment and perform all mattress activities at your own risk How tall is your ceiling? Is there a light fixture (like a ceiling fan) that obstructs your radical romping? Basically – don’t bump your noggin on a light or low ceiling. Make sure there aren’t sharp corners around your bed (such as a bedframe or bedside table). If there are, don’t smack your head on them! Even pulling all potentially dangerous furniture away from the mattress for your jumping session can go a long way in protecting your safety. Most important in this section: move your cat off the bed. It’s not fun for any cat to be violently bounced around. And let’s be honest – this will most likely end with you covered in scratches, and (even more) scowls glanced in your direction in the following weeks. 

Should I leave the light on while I jump on the bed? The most important thing to consider when making this decision is the section above – no one needs to be flopping around on an extra bouncy mattress in the dark if they’re surrounded by sharp corners! But, if you’ve followed our previous advice on how to fortify your sanctuary with a nightlight, your options have increased exponentially – turn on your nightlight and bounce till dawn. 

So, there you have it – the benefits, do’s and don’ts of jumping on your new super comfy SleepOvation mattress.  

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