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In Support of our friend, Liz Kohlmeier...

In Support of our friend, Liz Kohlmeier...

If you know SleepOvation then you know the most famous physical therapists on the internet (in their opinion), Bob and Brad. They spend a great deal of time making amazing informative videos about health tips, and new beneficial products like the SleepOvation mattress.  

This month SleepOvation is collaborating with Bob and Brad on another SleepOvation giveaway! This month’s giveaway launches Sunday, October 6th, and we are excited to give everyone an opportunity to win a free SleepOvation mattress.  

Recently Bob & Brad posted a video “Bob & Brad Team Touched by Cancer,” in support of Liz Kohlmeier, a member of Bob & Brad’s Team and a friend to the SleepOvation Team. Liz is an amazing wife and a mother to two wonderful little boys. She found out a few months ago that she and her husband Alex will be expecting their 3rd child. Unfortunately, after discovering this wonderful news just a week or so later Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer. This information came to the family as a shock, and here at SleepOvation, we were saddened to hear such unfortunate news. Liz held off on receiving treatment, until she reached her second trimester, so the baby would not be affected. She has recently started chemotherapy on August 5th, 2019 and has established a plan with her doctors to continue her treatment and deliver a healthy baby girl.  

We will be supporting Liz this month by donating a portion of all October salesseparate from the 5% going to Breast Cancer Charities, to Liz and her family directly. The circumstances presented will require Liz to take off an extensive amount of time from workfor not only the delivery of her baby but also for her treatment. Her husband Alex will also have to take time off to help her through her treatment 

Avid watchers of Bob and Brad may have seen Liz, and her husband Alex from the Family Product Channel, which has been featured on Bob & Brad’s channel. Liz & Alex are lovely people and have made a positive impact on the people in their lives. If you would like to help Liz through this difficult time, or just provide well wishes to her family please visit the “Strong Like Liz- Bob & Brad Team Fundraiser” 

You can also check out Liz and Alex on their ‘Family Product Channel’ 

Click here to enter this month's SleepOvation giveaway.

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