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I Love Mountains and Valleys but not in our Bed

I Love Mountains and Valleys but not in our Bed

“Wow wow wow, it only took a couple nights before our old mattress was out the door!”

This week’s customer spotlight is with Laurel G, from Louisiana, who is officially getting the good night’s sleep she deserves. 

Laurel G., like most people, was just looking for a better night’s sleep “…we were looking for something innovative to help my mate’s aches and pains from a previously broken back years ago and my partially frozen shoulder from an old ski injury.” These previous injuries were disrupting her comfort, and ability to sleep through the night. Laurel searched for a mattress that would help to alleviate some of these aches, and pains but it wasn’t easy finding a mattress that actually worked, “We had a four-year-old memory foam mattress for which we had paid about $1200. It hadn't aged well with 2 dips in the middle in a small hill down the middle in the bed between the valleys.” 

This is not uncommon in many memory foam mattresses. Although the initial experience may feel great, these types of mattresses generally tend to hold heat, and age poorly. Over time you may find that your memory foam mattress loses shape and holds impressions. Unlike the SleepOvation mattress, which provides continuous air flow for a cooler night’s sleep. While our patented pocket cushion technology evens out your weight across the mattress, so the cushions will never hold indentations from your body, and still provide optimal support.

 After discovering SleepOvation through Bob & Brad, the world’s most famous physical therapists, Laurel was hooked!  You can check out the Bob and Brad YouTube channel HERE.

 “Upon receiving the mattress and setting up the solid surface for it we were both amazed at how quickly it pumped up and was ready for use. This mattress is so comfortable! It has just the right amount of support from head to toe with all the advantages of the foam and coil world's meshed. No more torching hot waking up in the middle of the night, and if one of us does get up it doesn't disturb the other. Aches and pains are much better, and my sleep is sounder… Now when I make the bed there's a nice flat terrain, I love mountains and valleys but not in our bed. Thank sleep ovation for a splendid job. I have already recommended your mattress to my daughter.”

We are so happy to hear that Laurel, is having such a positive experience with her SleepOvation mattress.  Our patented technology is here to provide our customers with comfort, and the rest of a lifetime. All we can say is thank you Laurel G, for such kind words and we look forward to providing your daughter with the same great experience.

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