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How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Hijacking Your Sleep

How To Prevent Your Smartphone From Hijacking Your Sleep

We all know that one person who sleeps with their smartphone underneath their pillow or inches next to them. However humorous this may be, it’s disrupts sleep and has unhealthy effects on our brains. Active smartphones emit electromagnetic radiation and sleeping with one nearby increases our exposure, causing shifts in self-regulating processes such as our biological clock and cardiac rhythms. Not to mention the potential long term health risks. So, we’ve compiled some healthy sleep practices for you and your electronic soul-mate: 

  • Power-down and disconnect from electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime to allow your mind to soothe into sleep.
  • If you can’t power off your device while you sleep we recommend deactivating the WiFi connection.
  • If you use your smartphone as your alarm, you can still deactivate the WiFi and turn on “airplane mode” to null any electromagnetic radiation.
  • Lastly, you should always place your device several feet away while you sleep, if not in an entirely different room.

With these practices, you'll avoid disparities in mood, stress levels, sleep patterns, and overall health quality. You’ll awake refreshed from all the extra sleep we helped you get, and if you want to wake up feeling even better - treat yourself to sleeping on 700 "Tiny Mattress” in One!

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