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How to become a Sleep Master...

How to become a Sleep Master...

Mastering the art of sleeping can be challenging, especially when you consider all the variables. Your sleep can be affected by your mattress, by your diet, your stress levels, and even your sleep style!

There are side sleepers, back sleepers, and there is even a rare group called stomach sleeper. And, no matter what style of sleep you partake in, you deserve a great night's sleep.

The best Sleeping option would be the back sleeper. Although it is the recommended sleep style by doctors, very few people gravitate to it. Sleeping on your back provides the best possible alignment for your spine and allows the mattress to directly support your spine. I know this all sounds great, but many back sleepers struggle with snoring, and sleep apnea due to the cause of restricted air way. When you rest on your back gravity causes your tongue to obstruct your airway. If this is something you struggle with, the best way to alleviate this issue is by shifting into sleeping on your side.

For any stomach sleepers out there, it is a little harder to achieve that great night’s rest. Sleeping on your stomach causes a strain on your spine, and neck. This style of sleep does not allow the mattress to support your body, or spine through the night. However, stomach sleeping helps to ease snoring, and even some cases of sleep apnea.  Some people will use a pillow underneath their hips to alleviate the lower back pain that stomach sleeping causes. If stomach sleeping causes aches and pains, it is recommended that you transition into side sleeping. 

Most people are side sleepers, these people choose to rest on the left or right side of their body. Even though it is the most common style of sleep, sleeping on your side can cause back and neck pains; not to mention waking up with a numb arm. A way to alleviate these issues would be to get a firmer, or thicker pillow. When you have a softer or smaller pillow your head will rest lower than your spine which causes discomfort and pain. A firmer pillow will keep your neck and spine properly aligned. You want to try and keep your spine as straight as possible to avoid any neck or back pains. The greatest tip of all, is investing in a more supportive mattress. If your mattress is old, or not supportive it will cause your body to weigh down too much, and the spine to curve. This will cause you to wake up in the morning with aches, and pains.

Ultimately, no one sleep style is perfect, but the perfect mattress can give you a better sleep experience. When sleeping on a SleepOvation, the individual cushions will provide your entire body and spine with even support. The unique technology provides a consistent level of airflow with our SWEET AIR CHANNELS and comfort that might even make you want to ditch the pillow and shoot for perfect spinal alignment!

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