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How To Avoid The Dangers Of Going To Sleep Grumpy

How To Avoid The Dangers Of Going To Sleep Grumpy

Take a deep breath, sigh and say “ugh” - OK grumps, here’s how to boost your mood with minimal effort.

Cleanse your face with a warm rinse.

Rinsing your face with warm water removes toxins, allows your skin to breath, delays wrinkles, removes acne/blackheads, and makes your skin look smoother and attractive.

There’s no good mood booster like self-care!

Give your favorite songs a listen.

It’s been proven that music helps you sleep better, longer, and spend less time lying awake. It can lessen depressive symptoms and increase brain function the following day.

The trick – the songs need to be slower than your heartbeat (60 beats per minute).

Watch funny videos on YouTube.

Although you should avoid artificial “blue light” before bed, if you adhere to a proper timeframe it doesn’t hurt to watch a couple bits of your favorite star on Jimmy Kimmel, or a compilation of Jim’s best pranks on Dwight from The Office for a good laugh.

Sit and stare out the window.

Periods of “purpose-free calm” offer a way for us to listen out for the quieter suggestions and perspectives of our deeper selves. We see the world going on outside, but it doesn’t need a response from us.

Take a moment, inhale and exhale – think of how you’ll conquer the world tomorrow!

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