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How to Activate the Cuddle Chemical?

How to Activate the Cuddle Chemical?

On this special evening many people will end the night with their significant other in their arms, but before the night is over, we need to answer the age-old question, does cuddling help you sleep or disrupt your sleep?

It has been argued that cuddling can be somewhat uncomfortable, and just the exchange of too much body heat is enough to turn off the sweetest suitor. In fact, based on, 63% of couples sleep without even touching each other. Oddly enough, this statistic does not sound that outlandish. When you are in bed you have so many variables to consider between, sharing space, sharing blankets, snoring, and just plain old body heat! There are a lot of things to argue about. So, when you think about these factors, and then consider cuddling you may not be too excited to rush into each other’s arms.

I wouldn’t throw cuddling out the window just yet though. Studies have shown that cuddling has some benefits for getting a good night’s sleep. When the exchange of cuddling or intimate interaction arises your body releases oxytocin aka the “cuddle chemical”. The natural hormone helps to relieve pain, alleviate stress, strengthen your immune system, and even helps you to doze off.

So clearly cuddling is not the enemy of the bedroom, but rather your bed itself. When you're about to snuggle up next to your partner make sure your bed provides the best conditions. The biggest complaint for couples is the bedroom temperature. While choosing an even temperature for the room is important, you also want to make sure your mattress is providing appropriate air flow, like the SleepOvation mattress. The heat from your mattress can make you feel warm and uncomfortable.

You also want your mattress to be supportive, and SleepOvation covers all the basis in that department. The technology of 700 individual cushions allows for optimal support while you cradle your lovebug all night. SleepOvation will provide each of you with your own support even when you are holding each other through the night. Not to mention the motion isolation SleepOvation offers, this way you don’t disrupt that sleeping angel in the midnight hour. SleepOvation will make sure to love your body through the night, so you can love your special someone all day, and all night long.

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