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A Gallon of Water before Bed aids Beauty Sleep

A Gallon of Water before Bed aids Beauty Sleep

Drink more water and your body will become more alert and better equipped to digest food, burn calories more efficiently, and of course – make you beautiful.

How it promotes sleep

By drinking a cold glass of water before bed – your body stabilizes its hormone levels as well as its vitamin and nutrient levels, so you’re joints and muscles also become balanced in this process to ease you into deep restful sleep. Water before bed essentially allows the body to restore itself naturally.

How it helps you burn calories

Consuming cold water before bed can also help your body burn more calories during the night then it normally would by causing your body to have to work twice as hard to warm the water up while you are resting, thus burning more calories. This is a great way to lose some extra weight, and another of many positive health benefits water provides.

Most important of all, it aids beauty sleep

Water is of course a natural cleanser – it fuels the body to cleanse your system of toxins consumed throughout the day. Your digestive system, skin and muscles will benefit. Cold water before sleeping helps maintain hydration levels for healthy glowing skin.

More so, water increases blood circulation, helps your body to be able to break down waste, and increases sweat output. Sweating will cause you to lose some fluid through the night, but it will also remove excess salts or toxins and clean the skin cells.

If plain water is too bland or if you’re trying to beat a cold, consider adding lemon to you water before bed. This can give an interesting flavor to the water, and lemon also contains vitamin C, an added benefit that can help to boost your immune system as it fights infection.

There you have it, a gallon of water a day keeps the uglies away!

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