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Dog Chooses Pillow Over Owner!

Dog Chooses Pillow Over Owner!

What if there was a pillow, no, a 77 tiny pillows in One pillow that was so significantly comfortable that your loving doggo would choose its comfort over your love. That's exactly what happened with Luis and his good boy husky, Shang... 

In the pillow world, SleepOvation is making 77 the new One.

Each SleepOvation pillow has 77 tiny pillows, all working hard to cradle your head and neck off to Dreamland.  And it feels really really good. 

The SleepOvation pillow features the same cool air technology as our mattresses, keeping you comfy, cozy, and COOL all night long. And the party doesn’t stop there. Even the pillow cover is specially designed for cool touch and sweat resistance. Bonus: it’s removable and washable, so you don’t even need to use a pillowcase. 

We’re not the only ones singing this pillow’s praises. Our sleep-loving customers have a lot to say about it, too. 

Luis, a recent SleepOvation convert, and his husky, Shang, weighed in on the best parts of their new pillow. Spoiler: they both love it. Luis said that Shang actually left Luis for a short time after receiving the pillow because of his love for the pillow. 😁 DRAMA! Ultimately, they figured out how to share their love for the pillow, and Shang returned to Luis.

Their favorite part? The coolness of the pillow.  

My favorite thing about the SleepOvation pillow is that I am genuinely cool throughout the night. With my previous pillow, you would have to turn the whole pillow to feel the sensation of the “cool side of the pillow” as the people would say. Not with SleepOvation products.  I’m not just saying this so this can get published, I genuinely think the 77 pillows create such a sensation of coolness. 

It’s genuinely the best pillow I have ever used. The pillow just fits my needs for comfort.” 

But how does it stay so cool? Sweet air channels, baby! All 77 tiny pillows create hundreds of channels for airflow, keeping the pillow (and sleeper!) cool all night long. Tests have even shown the polyamide cover sleeps up to five degrees cooler than conventional pillow covers! 

And Shang, can’t keep his paws off it either. “When I wake up in the morning, my husky Shang probably can’t wait until I get out of bed. As I am in the shower and do my normal hygiene routine, he is still on the bed sleeping on my pillow. Basically, if there is any reason why I am in my room or bathroom, he is using the pillow! Then he throws a husky tantrum when I take it away from him for my use. 

To prevent husky (or chihuahua, or cat) related meltdowns, we recommend purchasing a SleepOvation pillow for every member of the family. 

Our pillow is great for all sorts of physical ailments like neck and back pain. The individual tiny pillow support allows for pressure relief of every contour of the head, face, and neck – be it a husky or human. Fun fact: there are 26 muscles in the human neck. There are probably even more in a husky’s neck. That means even if your dog has been complaining of neck pain, this pillow will do the trick. 

But even if you don’t struggle with physical pain or discomfort, each one of the 77 tiny pillows will still valiantly carry your wearing body off into an amazing night’s rest. Luis wanted to have a comfier, cozier night’s sleep – without the heat, “I was not struggling necessarily with pain or anything related to soreness. But I was struggling for comfort and staying cool throughout the night. This pillow solves that problem with ease. It’s genuinely the best pillow I have ever used. The pillow just fits my needs for comfort. 

Luis understands the importance of making the most of the time you spend snoozing, snuggling, and snacking in bed, “My biggest advice is this; on average a human spends 26 years asleep in their lifetime. That’s not even the crazy part. The average human spends about 7 years trying to go to sleep. Do yourself a favor and at least get back those 7 years of life by immediately going to sleep using the sleep ovation pillow. 

What are you waiting for? Save time going to sleep and staying asleep, with the 77 tiny pillows in One

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