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Your DNA is Why You’re Tired all the Time

Your DNA is Why You’re Tired all the Time

Some of us struggle to get enough sleep, while others can sleep for 4 hours at a time and be full of energy… so what gives?

Here are some commons issues that affect our sleeping patterns:

The Role of Genetics

Some people are just genetically prone to require more sleep, and though there’s not much we can do about our genes – we can try to hone in on controllable factors such as our sleep schedule.

More specifically, adolescents naturally sleep longer and have a harder time waking up. If only we could go back in time and tell our parents – “I’m supposed to be sleeping this much!”

Unknown Sleeping Disorder

Most of us aren’t aware we could be suffering from a sleeping disorder. Take hypersomnia for example, known as “sleep drunkenness”. A person with hypersomnia struggles to get out of bed even after 10 hours of sleep. You’re probably thinking “that’s me!”.

How ya’ feeling?

Studies show there can be a link between depression and sleep disorders, typically in cases of insomnia and hypersomnia. Take some time to focus on yourself, relax and find peace… try our quick guide for the best nap of your life!

One too many late nights

Our most common problem – failing to prioritize sleep, so our sleep patterns are all out of whack and we don’t know what’s wrong. We sleep 4 hours one night and tell ourselves we can just make it up tomorrow… but it doesn’t work like that!

In fact, a study showed sleeping for 10 hours after several nights of sleep deprivation only fractionally boosts performance before our tiredness rushes in.

But before you go rushing to tell your friends you’ve got “sleeping beauty” sleep disorder (20+ hours of sleep) – take some time to assess your current sleep patterns, and hopefully get your sleep back on track.

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