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Let's Talk About Sex on 700 tiny mattresses

Let's Talk About Sex on 700 tiny mattresses

If shopping for the perfect mattress is not hard enough, how much harder is it if I told you that you need a better mattress so you can have better sleep, so you can have better SEX!  

I know crazy, right? It's true though the horizontal mambo is all a part of the cycle of a better night’s sleep. Some people may think that getting hot and heavy may disrupt your desire to sleep, but it does exactly the opposite. It's really a science, but to put it simply the intimate interaction helps you to relax and alleviate stress. Your body releases several hormones, which leaves you feeling happy and, YES,  sleepy.  

Gentlemen may find they are having a deeper slumber after the heated interaction, but ladies as the old age saying goes “whatever you can do, I can do better.” Ladies, there are added benefits for you, sex before sleep increases your estrogen levels which helps you to have a deeper sleep or enhanced REM stage.  

When customers inquire about our 700 tiny mattresses in One, we get your typical questions. How Firm is the mattress? How much is the mattress? Do you offer a warranty? ....but every once in a while we’ll get…  

Or this...

And sometimes this...

Okay, we get the hint guys… You want to know if the SleepOvation mattress will hold up in the heat of passion?  Well, the mattress went through vigorous testing before release. The mattress was slept on by 200 people for a year of beta sleep, and among those 200 people, couples that submitted surveys not only showed an increase in romantic activity but also the responsiveness of the mattress enhanced lovemaking. 

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