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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Snoring

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Snoring

Here are 8 interesting things you never knew about snoring, and what you can do to keep from disturbing everyone around you!

All ages are at risk. You might have thought snoring to be an older person’s problem, the truth is that all ages are at risk to snoring.

Snoring affects your heart health. Research shows that snoring can alter the inner lining in the carotid arteries, making them more apt to develop atherosclerotic lesions and increasing the risk of stroke.

Sleep aids and alcohol make snoring worse. Don’t drink alcohol within three-to- four hours of bedtime or take sedatives/hypnotics, these further loosen upper airway structures and harm sleep quality.

It’s a dental issue. Since the tongue and jaws fall under the domain of dentistry, obstructive snoring just might be treatable by dentists.

Snoring is the result of weak muscles. As we get older, our muscles lose tone, including the muscles in our throat. The incidence of breathing disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), upper airway resistance, and snoring increases with age.

You need more water. Stay hydrated—thick mucus worsens snoring. Gross! Don’t drink large quantities too close to bedtime though, otherwise it’ll be your midnight bathroom trips disturbing the peace.

Do your teeth hurt? Snorers may awake with sensitive teeth or tight jaw muscles – and this happens because the breathing airway is obstructed. The National Sleep Foundation found that about one in four snorers grinds their teeth at night.

There is an answer. There are several treatment options available for snoring. For some, lifestyle modifications like weight loss, position change, and avoiding alcohol might help. For others, snoring mouthpieces can be very effective.

Another option is upper airway surgery for snoring. Yikes!

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