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700 Tiny Mattresses Thankful for Famous Physical Therapists Bob & Brad

700 Tiny Mattresses Thankful for Famous Physical Therapists Bob & Brad

This Thanksgiving, SleepOvation is thankful for Bob & Brad helping hundreds of thousands of people that struggle with many pains, with their informative and helpful YouTube videos!

YouTube stars Bob & Brad get fairly regular requests from their subscribers for mattress recommendations.  Though they had never made any mattress recommendations, they always wanted to do so. The SleepOvation mattress peaked their interest specifically because they believe it to be the same concept as the ROHO cushion, used in therapy for patients with skin breakdown.  

They agreed to review the 700 tiny mattresses in One, but would absolutely have to love it to endorse it – and they did!

“When you’re lying on your back you want to make sure you’re lying on a mattress that’s firm enough to keep you in good posture. You want a mattress that conforms to the natural curves and gaps of your spine – and if you lay on your side, there a point pressures on your shoulders and hips.” – Bob & Brad

The SleepOvation Mattress combines 700 “tiny mattresses” into a single independently-acting body suspension, that aligns to the natural curve of your body for healthy spine support and personalized comfort. In addition to relieving back pain, the mattress reduces joint, injury and arthritis pain. It’s the #1 mattress for pain relief and next level comfort.

#1 Mattress for Next Level Comfort